10 Nifty Ways to Boost Conversions with A/B testing UI & UX

Every New Year comes with a new set of trends within every walk of life, and Web design is no exception to the case. Rapid developments in the world of technology, have allowed web designers a plethora of creative tools and strategies to catch the attention of the prolifically growing web audience. But despite the availability of such resources, their maximum potential can only be harnessed if one knows how to use them to best use. And to help you with that, here are 10 Nifty ways to boost conversions with A/B testing UI & UX.

1- Full-Width Images

Research has shown that larger images are more likely to turn heads and grab people’s attention. In the light of this fact, it is believed that the use of screen-covering images can effectively “interrupt” users, engaging them and providing greater levels of conversion. To get a better understanding of this, try pulling up Apple’s website and see for yourself how enticing the spell of full-width images can be.

2- Split-Screen Layouts

If your website offers a wide range of products and services or features an assortment of categories, it is best to instantly direct your visitors to their destination landing page, which allows them easy and efficient access to exactly what they’re searching for. With a split-screen, prospects have the leverage to ignore unnecessary information, choose their own journey through and land on the destination of their choice; on your website.

3- Monochromatic Colours

Rule of thumb: Call to Action button needs to pop! Using a vivid and striking colour palette on a rather neutral or contrasting colour allows the CTA buttons to stand out from the surrounding background. This instantly catches the users’ eye and provokes an instant response; adding to the likelihood of clients reacting to the button’s prompt. Viola- successful conversion!

4- Prioritized Navigation

Visitors may feel overwhelmed when accessing a web page with a clutter of information; reducing their ability to locate exactly what they’re looking for. Therefore, you need Prioritized Navigation which enables you to navigate users through your web page, allowing them quick access to relevant information and consequently increasing the chances of conversion. This is achieved by hiding secondary navigation in a hidden menu icon; keeping the website concise, clean and user friendly. Bonus Tip: Perk up that CTA button for maximum clickability!

5- Minimal Lead Capture

When it comes to leads, the go-to approach is to be direct and precise rather than beating around the bush. A clever one liner on a minimalist landing page can effectively and instantly grasps the user’s attention.


The most important thing a website should reflect on your clientele, is a sense of trust and reliability. This is something which is often overlooked but a video actually gives your site more credibility, originality, and involves the user. Moreover, a clever video has the potential to reinforce your message and increase levels of Customer-Seller interactions.

7- Sticky CTA

Ultimately, what it all boils down to, is your CTA! So always keep it noticeable. It should be boldly displayed in the sticky header on the desktop and also be mobile-friendly and accessible to users anywhere on the website and at all times.

8- Card Design

The main advantage of card design is that they provide bite-sized information. This visually engaging design allows users to access information which is most appealing to them and whilst a user is provided with a number of card options, the website still remains concise and user friendly.

9- Single Column CTA

It’s no good if your eye-catching CTA is tucked in a not so eye-catching position on your site. It’s best to position CTA in a single column and remove any sidebar distractions; to generate maximum clickability.

10- Personalized User Experience

A touch of personalization can be added by mentioning location, buying activity, browsing activity and other data. This adapts your website to each user’s specific needs and tailors it to benefits them individually; increasing trust, convenience and ultimately the likelihood of conversion.

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