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What Is Responsive Web Design and Why Is It So Important for Your Website & Business?

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Rewind about a decade ago in time, and perhaps the primary challenge faced by many (if not all) web designers was maintaining a website’s look and feel across various desktop computer browsers; by the likes of Safari and Internet Explorer. However, in recent times computing gadgets have had a total overhaul and a myriad of new-age gadgets with markedly varying screen sizes have taken over. Read More

8 Things Your Boss Should Know About Web Design

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When is it going to get completed? Have you been hearing this, a lot from your impatient boss during the web design phase? Working with an impatient and non-technical boss in the digital industry is a nightmare. This happens when your boss does not have a clear understanding of how critical the website designing could be. You need to explain your boss, that how things roll, when it comes to web designing (Do not forget your boss is always hungry for the business growth). Read More

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